From Principal's Desk

Mr. D.S. Vittal Principal Degree College

I welcome you on behalf of Sai Sudhir Group of Colleges (SSGC) and thank you for showing your interest in us.

In an era that has come to become the epitome of competition, every college has to face the intense pressure that they prepare their graduates for. The pressure of performance and quality apply to all the colleges too like never before and the skillful handling of these very pressures make the SSGC stand out in a crowd.

All efforts are made to shape the young minds into perfect professionals having high confidence, originality, creative thinking, good knowledge of the subject and high moral and social values. An atmosphere of learning by and the interaction between teachers based on the old tradition of Guru and Shishya is still prevailing in the Campus. Our emphasis is on making the students ready to face the challenges of life boldly with truthfulness and honesty, after they have passed out from the SSGC campus. From here on, your phase of career begins.

Education is the only possibility through which society can be changed to better living conditions in a congenial and peaceful environment. Therefore, we are committed to providing the students with quality education who aspire to attain knowledge, skill and qualification in the fields of Science, Commerce and Management.

SSGC provides a transformational experience to its students, who are expected to maintain the highest standard of personal integrity, professional commitment and business ethics. Life at the campus of the institute is a fantastic social experience which develops a sense of belongingness to the community among students and makes cross-cultural interaction easier in their future. It is a community that continues to grow the bond, even when the days of campus life are over.

Best Wishes to one and all from SSGC.

From the Principal’s Desk

Dr. Meera Naidu Principal PG College

The rapid metamorphosis of the environment has brought about additional challenges. These challenges are distinctive and unparalled. To enable to face these challenges there is a dire need to equip the students. That equipment is knowledge. This necessitates deep introspection of the academic deliverance methods and processes. Over the years with this in mind there has been a constant endeavour to pay closer look to ways and means to improve it.

Sai Sudhir Group of Colleges (SSGC) has constantly made a conscientious effort to improve the knowledge base of the students so as to make them face the contemporary challenges boldly. There is a dignified effort made to help students to apply the knowledge acquired. Above all the towering need for understanding human values and practicing them is what we aim to achieve. Knowledge with human values makes great citizens and that is our prime concern at SSGC.

I wish the faculty, the staff and the students the very best leading to an enriching experience.

Best Wishes to one and all from SSGC.